Tardy policy too much?

By Nigel Kilby
Managing Editor

Waking up late, being sick, or having your ride bail out on you. Many of these reasons are why students are late to school. Being late is always stressful and set off a chain of events that gradually ruins your day. You wake up late, rush to get changed and get your stuff together, not taking the appropriate time to prepare yourself for school. After rushing out the door, you go down the list of things you forgot, and things you needed to do.
This starts you off on a bad mood.

Be even five seconds late when you get to school, you have to report to the commons to identify yourself and have yourself marked for truancy. That’s not really a big deal, but when you were rushing out the door, you forgot your school ID. This almost always results in a “Bruin Time” — 30 minutes after school cleaning tables or picking litter around campus. I think that it is a little too much for the little mistake made, that most likely wasn’t your fault.
The punishment of a Bruin Time is not too extreme. Although, being put in the same category as students who make worse decisions can be quite annoying. When I am getting ready to server the Bruin Time the worst thing ever is seeing one of your teachers and they know that you usually don’t get in trouble. This could put the idea into their mind that you aren’t as you seem. Coaches can also judge you, and punish you for something that isn’t even that bad.
Pretty much what I am saying is, I don’t think that students who are tardy and don’t have their student ID should get a Bruin Tardy right off the bat. I hate being put in the wrong category, and having people judge me or anyone else when we haven’t done anything worth being judged.

I don’t wish to abolish Bruin Time, but I wish to find another option for people who simply wake up late, and don’t have their student ID.



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One Comment on “Tardy policy too much?”

  1. akmccorkle November 20, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    Nigel, your persuasive reasoning is sound–it does seem excessive to have such a punishment for your very first infraction. However, you don’t anticipate or counter any of your opponent’s arguments, which are also sound. The reason the attendance office needs an ID is to be sure that you are who you say you are, for example.

    Your grammar is confusing in a few places, too — “These are many of the reasons why a student might be late to school” is still in the passive voice, but a little less awkward. Your lead off phrasing is catchy but results in that awkward second sentence. Also “and *can* set off” — as your English teacher, I must remind you edit, edit, edit and then proofread some more : D This is *your* piece, make sure it represents you well.

    I really would love to see you do a follow up piece on this, because I think it is an issue that a lot of students have an interest in and that is what student newspapers are all about. Just take your time, and develop it well.

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