3 Bruins sign letters of intent

Brenton Scott, left, Tyler Huth and Bryson Scott sign their letters of intent to attend Indiana State and Purdue University respectively. Photo by Jasmyn Kalsto

By Micheal Jones
Staff Writer
Three Athletes of the Bruin Nation were signed to their first division colleges at 7 a.m. Wednesday. The students are well-known amongst the school–Brenton and Bryson Scott for their basketball prowess, as well as Tyler Huth for his talent in baseball.
The Bruin room was flooded with buzz from cameras and reporters-specifically aimed at the Scotts. With Brenton going to Indiana State, he’ll be separated from his brother Bryson who’s moving on to Purdue University; many believe this will spark a brotherly rivalry.

Huth is one of the top pitchers in the state with 25 strikeouts last season, he’s certain he’ll do well in Purdue as well, noting the excitement surrounding the twins basketball stars’ signings.
“I’m very confident in the work I’ve put toward this, and I’m really glad I got to share this with a couple of friends who worked just as hard.” the 6’6″ Huth said.

“I’m just glad to see these young men moving on and furthering their education, they have phenomenal work ethic and they’re very strong kids,” Principal Barb Ahlersmeyer said on behalf of the students signing on to higher education. “I think it’s a great opportunity for these boys, I’m proud of them.”

Pride circulated throughout the room, as Head Basketball Coach Barak Coolman watched two of his best players reach another milestone of their high school careers.
“It’s just very gratifying to see them take the next step in their journey. I’m proud and excited to know their school’s a good fit, and it’s what’s best for them,” Coolman said.


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