Unlikely Alibi

By Michael Jones
Staff Writer

Unlikely Alibi is one of a small group of Midwestern Ska bands. Though the ska bands are few, Unlikely Alibi is the elite in the genre. They’ve been a part of the music scene in the area for a little over seven years; they’ve quickly taken to rising in popularity.

“The whole “Ska” movement is honestly pretty low lighted, but there are a lot of groups around here that dig the sound that’s hardly been known about,” said Todd Roth, lead vocals and trumpet. With an ever-expanding set, Alibi’s always welcomed another show and another chance to get crowds excited to the sound near unknown.

Roth (lead vocalist and trumpeter) strung together a well-seasoned group of musicians (three from North Side and the last two being from Columbia City) in Brandon Rentfrow (guitar), Trav Fry (bass), Duane Alexander (drums), and Matt Cashdollar (saxophone, and keys), and as a side note nearly all of these members also provide lead vocals. In a very short year, they flexed their reggae toned talent in winning Whatzup Magazine’s Battle Of The Bands, and earned a recording session to release their first album “At The Ready”. Their sound is saturated in sweet hooks and steady bob-to-it rhythm that just keep you listening and humming the words when you don’t even know the lyrics.

As well as taking curtain as being opened for; they’ve extended their résumé in opening for groups such as Eve 6, Skatalites, and Foo Fighters. Taking great interest in the group’s talent, King Django and Stubborn Records has made this band open to the public. Broken wide open to and for the people, the band is always touring and recording for more people to hear.

They’re on a perfectly paved path to great success in bringing back some old tunes and grooves, performing a new gig nearly every week, if you missed them at The Rail a few weeks ago, you can see them there again in a short time. (Laughing) “We’re always out somewhere doing something, it’s extremely fun but it’s still frantic.”. Check all their tour dates at their ReverbNation or Facebook page, and see all the best from their short past-such as Highly Unlikely or their Stevie Wonder cover Part Time Lover-in on their YouTube account dubbed soundly after their name “Unlikely Alibi”. The band’s out for greatness and it’s nearly right in front of them, catch them while you can locally and I promise you won’t regret it.


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