Crank up the Heaters!

Rachel Rambles
by Rachel Haywood

The end of the 2011-2012 school year brought an extreme drought to the Fort Wayne area, as well as to other larger parts of the country.  The absence of rain brought tough times to farmers nationwide and also the general public.  It was too expensive to water the grass because people would end up having to water their grass every day.  Plants started to die early and the landscape suffered. The temperatures in Fort Wayne broke records.  There were multiple days when the thermometers broke 90 degrees Fahrenheit and a few days passed a sweltering 100 degrees.  To stay cool, everyone stayed inside, out of the heat while slowing losing their summer.

The rain finally came, and the community bounced back, slowly, but surely.  Farmers could care for their crops more easily.  The grass turned green and the temperatures dropped.  People cranked out their lawnmowers and the weather seemed to be somewhat normal again.  The end of summer was surprisingly pleasant as well.  August and September were the months to enjoy the outdoors.

Now that the unbearable summer is over, winter has decided to come a little bit early this year.  Here in October, it’s supposed to be 60 or 70 degrees.  There have been days this month that bordered on mid 40’s and low 50’s.  The snow has not started to fall yet, but frost advisories are popping up, and the winter coats and gloves are coming out.  High school football games are freezing and rainy, and band competitions are windy and cold.  Homeowners are turning on their heaters to keep their families warm and cozy.  Here at school, our heaters aren’t turned on yet.

Even with a long sleeve shirt and a hooded sweatshirt, I am shivering down to the bone.  It was said that the school does not turn on the heat until the weather outside hits a certain cold consistency.  Right now, the heat is not coming on yet because the weather can’t make up its mind!  It turns into a problem when the school turns the heat on, and then it suddenly gets warm outside.  The heat can’t be turned back off as easily.

We have had some nice days, and some really cold days.  I think we might be wrapping up in blankets and sweaters for a while yet, but we’ll see.  You never know what the future might bring, and tomorrow there might be a massive heat wave!


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