Downstait Stays at Heart, Large Success

By Michael Jones
Staff Reporter

When a musician of any sort can make it to a status which the music is used as a theme for professional wrestling, when their fan base is so considerable that they’re total strangers singing the lyrics and when they can do what they love to do and get by just fine–they’re just getting started.

Downstait’s hard rock sound (influenced by 90s Grunge and Rock bands) truly made its mark when they made a theme song for Bully Beatdown (“Beat You Down”). From there, they had many promotional offers, a key one coming from WWE. They’ve written and performed entrance theme songs for professional wrestlers Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and (this one winning WWE Theme Of the Year) Alex Riley. Their fan base expanded greatly after this, one video getting up to six million views.

“Yeah it was a great opportunity; we’ve met some of the guys in WWE, all of ‘em being really cool guys. It was kind of weird rapping though, I’ll admit that” He’d said laughing.

Without a million-dollar touring bus, Downstait tours endlessly in a car, which can get a bit boring.

“Believe it or not, we’ve played a lot of Pokemon and Super Nintendo in the backseat,” he said. “We do all that we can to get out and stretch our legs after the drive. Typically by throwing a (base)ball around in a parking lot.”

Nearly all of the members have contributed in a sport during their high school lives including hockey, baseball, and football. Sean had informed me three of the five members had actually gone to South Side High School, and Arata went to IU for journalism.

“We do what we can to stay entertained, even just making some phone calls for family” Arata’d said, also informing me some of the members can admittedly get a little homesick. Sean has a cat at home, and drummer Clint actually has a family with a new addition just six months ago.

Coming from a smaller town where the music scene is small, but vibrant can affect a band’s style, but it shouldn’t, Arata says.
“In all honesty, I just say stick to your heart. Don’t try changing to everyone else’s style for fitting in, because when you do that you will not stand out in the least bit.”
The band is starting to see some fans come out to support their newest tour.
“Well we just released a new album, so it’s great getting some feedback on it, and great seeing positive feedback at that.” Arata explained. “It’s kind of odd, we come to these places, some we haven’t heard of, and they all know the lyrics. Total strangers, to us at least, know every word to songs we’d written.”

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