A ‘handful’ of Mrs. Blackwood

By Wendy Brown
Academics Editor

Newly arrived Mrs. Blackwood listens well to her students during Wellness and Nutrition class. Photo by Wendy Brown

“The hardest thing about teaching is trying to keep the kids quiet,” Mrs. Blackwood, one of the many new teachers arriving to Northrop told me on a scalding hot afternoon.

This is Blackwood’s first year, and even though she has had plenty of experience with substitute teaching before, Northrop was quite different.

The biggest difference between the school she’s taught at and here is the size and scope.

“It’s huge!” said the University of St. Francis graduate. Blackwood attended high school in Onoway, Mich.

She originally planned to teach Special Education but then went back to get her licensing in Nutrition and Wellness.

Blackwood teaches Freshman Career Info and Nutrition and Wellness. Although she enjoys all of her classes, her favorite is Careers class. She said she likes it because she thinks it’s a very useful class.

In her Nutrition and Wellness class they are learning how to do conversions with things like making tablespoons to teaspoons and cups to pints.

Shortly the class will make No-bake cookies with unusual measures like “A handful of flour.”


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One Comment on “A ‘handful’ of Mrs. Blackwood”

  1. akmccorkle September 26, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    Interesting information about Ms. Blackwood, a teacher I have not gotten to know very well yet. Thanks so much!

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