Briun Nation dominates

By Nigel Kilby
Managing Editor

As most of us know, this years Northrop vs. Snider game didn’t go as well as expected. Really, our football games against Snider have gone “as well as expected” for the last 22 years. After so many years of losses, you would think students wouldn’t show any type of excitement for the Northrop vs. Snider game. If you think that this is the case, than you are most definitely wrong.

Members of Northrop’s Tailgate squad celebrate Bruinnation before battling our rivals from Snider. Photo by Mariah Holland

The anticipation for the annually held Snider vs Northrop game was high, and a ground breaking number of students arrived early for the traditional NHS tailgate hosted by Seniors Quila Jackson and Brian York. During the tailgate session, students grilled and played corn hole, and got their faces painted.

Meanwhile, Snider’s tailgate was only occupied by about 10 students on a small plot of a grass. These students attempted in hanging bears, trying to diss the Northrop mascot, which only resulted in the bear being stolen, and kept by tailgate students.
Thirty minutes before the game started, students filled the stands in their own section, making a full wave of neon orange in the stands. The students clapped along with Northrop’s school song, and turned their backs when Snider’s song was played. Leaders of Tailgate organized chants rooting on the Bruins through the tough game.
After the game, students still didn’t stop cheering on Northrop. The talk about the game took to Twitter and Facebook, where students taunted Snider on their lack of school spirit. This is amazing in my opinion. Not only did our students cheer through the whole game, but they didn’t stop cheering. They were not fazed by the final score, or by the stabs we took from Snider. To me, that is what being a Bruin is all about!


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