Fahrenheit 451 Cast List

Guy Montag – David Hess

Fireman Black – DJ Grayson

Fireman Holden – Tristan Rogers

Fireman Henly – Christian Page

Fire Chief Beatty – Richkard Saint Victor

Clarisse – Gracie Glant

1st Paramedic – Alex Letner

2nd Paramedic – Jack Welty

Mildred – Quan Tran

Mrs. Hudson – Megan Speith

Prof. Faber – Caleb Curtis

Alice – Chelsie Archer

Helen – Lindsi Fett

Aristole – Maddie Beck

Tolkein – David Johnson

Bronte – Alyssa Straessle

Rostand – Christine Bursoto

Dostoevski – Chrissy Chapman

St. Exuperey – Alicia Bias

Tolstoy – Anna Jiang

Wilde – Tyler Dawkins

Carroll – Jaclynn Hess

Plato – Alex Trimm

Melville – Chance Fawley

Stevenson – Michael Chavez

TV Announcer – Sean Baily

TV Woman 1 – Athina Szobody

TV Woman 2 – Lindsay French

TV Man – Jake Markowski

Off-stage voice – Kellsey Kolkman


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