New school year, new hopes

Rachel Rambles
by Rachel Haywood

Now that this is my second column, I thought that maybe you might like to know what I think about school so far, now that we have two full weeks under our belts.

I am a 10th grader at Northrop, and I am taking a bunch of honors classes; four to be exact.  I couldn’t take French II this year, and that made me really mad, but I kind of like my nutrition and wellness class.  We get to make food and eat it as well.  My favorite class so far is my honors world history with Mr. Miller.  He makes everything so easy to understand, and he hates worksheets and the textbook as much as we do.  I am lucky to also have my sister in two of my classes.

That makes it a little easier to share textbooks for homework.This new grading scale is messing me up too.  Last year was so easy to understand, and now that we’re on the twelve point scale, I am completely lost.  I remember when my sister was in high school, she used to have a blocked schedule.  She only had four classes for eighty-five minutes, and her senior year they switched to seven.  I guess seven periods made more sense for us since we were coming from a middle school with seven classes, but I have found that it is getting harder to pay attention in class when we have so many.

I love the Edmodo site too.  Many people call it the Facebook approved for school, and it makes communicating with teachers and other students so much easier.Another thing happening this year that I’m excited for is the bowling season.  I’m thinking that this won’t be published before tryouts, but if you’re interested in bowling on the team, you can definitely tell me and I can see what I can do to help.  We lost a bunch of seniors from last year, and we’re in need of a lot of players.

I know that competitions start in October, and if you try out, I think you’ll be able to find out if you made it on the second day of try outs.  I have to say, bowling after school three days a week with my best friends is probably one of the coolest things to do after school.  I remember last year our girls’ team made it to State, and I bowled in those last competitions.  Bowling in high school also gave me an opportunity to bowl in a camp over the summer where I learned of things that I can bring back and use to my advantage for this year.



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