Baked with extra LOVE

Mrs. Love’s Legendary Cookies are one of the things that make Northrop stand out.

by Nigel Kilby
Managing Editor

The legendary cookies of Mrs. Love, if you haven’t tried them, then you have been missing out on one of the greatest things about Northrop! These cookies are the best I have ever had. These cookies are the size of my face, and are as soft as silk. These are, by far, the best cookies in Northrop. Don’t believe me? Then ask anyone, they will most likely give you the same answer.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a cookie of hers. If you are strong enough to hold back from eating her cookies instantly, and wait till you get home, warm it up and serve it with a tall glass of milk.

Mrs. Love has been teaching geometry at Northrop for 22 years. When Mrs. Love was in high school, one of her cafeteria ladies made the best chocolate chip cookies she has ever tasted.
Then when she went off to college, she had to make her own. This inspired her to test different variations using a base recipe from a Betty Crocker cook book. When she started out, she added butter, flour, and vanilla extract until she got it to taste perfect. She has been making her school famous cookies since the very first Bruin Buck store. She says that she used to make 70 cookies a month for the store, but then she leaked the secret recipe to students and administrators to make their own.
Now she makes 30 cookies once a month for the Bruin Buck store.  Mrs. Love buys and pays for the ingredients and gets a monetary “Love” Gift from Mrs. Hornack every summer.

Some ways to obtain one of these amazing cookies, you will have to earn a Bruin Buck. Then on the 1st Bruin Buck store day of the month, you can redeem a cookie. If lucky and in her class, then you can also get one for getting your work done and behaving well.


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