Passionately hardcore-Kokirii spares no decibels

by Micheal Jones
Staff Writer

Kokirii, (Yeah, I know it’s a pretty rough name. Koh-Key-Ree,) is a local band here in Fort Wayne, already known to draw a pretty substantial crowd when they play, (typically barefoot,) live.
They spare no decibels with their assertive sound and give it all on stage. The songs are short, typically two and a half or three minutes, but they have all the strength to make a mark and fans eat it up.
“Most definitely!,” said lead singer Kody Kieler. “Seeing everyone move to our sound the same way we do, and having them scream the lyrics back to you, it’s just a phenomenal feeling.”
Having not been to any of their live shows I decided I would look into them more, finding videos and even took the time to have a pretty informative interview with them, (Mostly the lead singer, Kody Kieler.) More than excited about the interview, the band, I could see in just their tone the music and listeners are what their song ideas revolve around. They describe their music as “passionate hardcore” and cite “life” as a big inspiration for Justin Lose, drums, Josh Giese, guitar, Nick Habegger, guitar and Pierce Hicks on bass.
Just in that description it’s not hard to see their connection to the people that listen to their music. They’d played every major place in the city, pulling a lot of people to their newest gig-opening for signed bands Born of Osiris and The Word Alive. Hearing their music and the general sound kind of syncs you in to what they feel and what they’re trying to say.

Their live shows are most definitely the heart and pride of their reputation,

“We put everything we have into our shows, I’m always out of breath and have a headache,” Kieler said.

Their Facebook page seems to have missed the direction of their shows. The only request Kieler truly had to anyone who reads this is not to simply “like” their page for no reason, but to rollover to their music and give it a listen as well. They’re selling tickets to their October 6st show, opening for Born of Osiris and Word Alive, in Broadripple (4610 Parnell Avenue). Their entire EP is also up for listening, including my recommendations, the song “Home Is Where the Heart Is” and “A Khymerian State”, both on YouTube and their Facebook page.


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One Comment on “Passionately hardcore-Kokirii spares no decibels”

  1. Micheal Jones September 1, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    Kokirrii also includes Josh Giese on guitar, and their show is actually the sixth of October. Sorry for the mistake everyone!

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