MORP cancellation creates prom fears

By Samantha Butler

Unfortunately, Morp is cancelled! NHS’s 2012 Student Council proposed a ”throw in” idea to our principal Mrs. Ahlersmeyer for a traditional old school under classmen dance. MORP! But in all honesty…what is Morp? Does anyone know? Morp is a lower classmen dance in place of prom (since unless invited… 9th & 10th graders are banned!); traditionally where: unlike prom, the girls ask the guys and it’s very casual with its dress code.

Although the idea was approved by Mrs. Ahlersmeyer; there simply were not enough ticket sales to fund the dance. So why didn’t very many students desire to attend? Was it that too many students wanting to go didn’t meet the requirements to attend?

Did anyone else besides me see those crazy long lists of all the students not allowed to attend Morp or Prom because of tardies, truancies, and discipline issues? They completely covered the office windows! It seems from the length of those lists that a lot of NHS students are ineligible to participate in either dance. Let’s face it… that sucks, but as Mrs. Ahlersmeyer has told our student body from the very beginning of the school year in our class meetings, “You will lose your dance and extra curricular activity privileges if you have excessive tardies, truancies, and discipline issues.” So I guess in hindsight the blame falls back on us, the students for not taking responsibility in the first place.

How can we; the student body, take action to be sure that what happened to Morp does not happen to Prom 2012? For starters: I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to beware of the requirements in place to attend prom. So here they are!

  •   No more than 1 “F”
  •  No more than 4 tardies
  •  No more than 3 truancies
  •  And if you have discipline issues- see one of the administrators to resolve the problem

These requirements are set in place to teach us students the importance of being on time and staying diligent to our class work. High school is set up to prepare students for the world of work; “No employer is going to take you seriously for a job position if your high school attendance record shows that you’re always late or never there”, says Mr. Blanks.

After Morp’s cancelation, some rumors spread around Northrop of a possible Prom2012 cancelation. Some students thought that Morp was unsuccessful because so many student were on the “no go” lists; and believed that was the reason no one purchased tickets to attend.  “A significant number of those students’ names were repeated on all three of those lists” stated Mrs.Ahlersmeyer, meaning that there are fewer students ineligible than everyone thinks! Plenty of students can still attend prom if they desire. A school dance’s success sole depends on its ticket sales, not the number of students on the “no go” list. Morp was canceled because the student body shot it down and didn’t purchase tickets, there were plenty of students able to attend but chose not to.

Is Prom at risk of being canceled? That depends on the number of tickets sold come April. According to Mr. Blanks, Prom will not be canceled because, “Seniors who abide by the rules and attend school will purchase tickets and attend Prom, and the seniors on the list that want to attend will be more than willing to come visit an administrator and work things out so they can attend.”  So I think it’s safe to say that Prom is at not risk of being canceled any time soon as long as our upper classmen bruins get their act together and take responsibility.

 Reprinted with permission from 2012 Bear Tracks Beta


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