Boys soccer works as team

The team faces a tough Bishop Luers squad early this season.

By Nicholas Grabowski
This year’s boys’ soccer team
had its fair share of trials. With only
a few seniors on the team, the
boys found their inexperience to be
a major weak point.
Senior and co-captain of the
varsity team, Jackie Mon
explained, “The team lacked the
experience that other teams
already had while playing with
each other throughout high
Despite the obstacles, the team
managed to formulate a plan and
work together. They found that a
group effort rather than focusing on
players’ individual skills was their
“Our goal as a team was tolearn to play together as a unit
even though talent was
Jackie describes one of the
most memorable moments of
the season as scoring against
Carroll. His personal
achievement was eclipsed
however by the team’s unity.
“We went in not knowing
what to expect. They were a
ranked team and I feel that our
team clicked and played
amazingly together.”
With a new found
togetherness and the support
from the fans, the boy’s soccer
team achieved one of the most
successful seasons to date.
Reprinted with permission from 2012 Bear Tracks


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